Back to School Books: 8 Books for Bright Minds

It’s back to school time and whether you’re a parent who needs to indulge in some reading material now that the kids are off, or a student who wants to expand your reading horizons, there is something on this list you’ll enjoy.  You may miss the carefree days of summer but it is a well-known fact that the most beautiful days are those spent in the company of a good book. Back to school books can be thrillers or romance books, books with action and mystery, books with life lessons––it is impossible to get bored. Even the most monotonous days can turn into a real adventure, often teaching valuable lessons along the way.


Whether your gearing up for fall classes or happy to finally have some downtime to read after the kids catch the bus, here are 8 Books to read this Back to School season for parents, students a readers everywhere.



Dominature by Joe Belcastro

For the bold and fearless readers out there, nothing beats a good fantasy book. During school days, when we must leave summer adventures behind, try Dominature. The epic alternate historical fantasy adventure with reimagined divine beings immerses readers inside an alternate telling of a famed creation story. Fans of The Da Vinci Code or Good Omens will enjoy Dominature: What If The Devil…Banished God…From Heaven…

The Silent Count by EA Smiroldo

Covering a problem that’s more present than ever , The Silent Count follows a nuclear engineer whose complex life is turned upside down as she investigates the impact companies have on the planet.


This Cli-Fi (climate – fiction) novel is a thriller exploring climate change, combining the present day tragedy of global warming with an engaging story. Students concerned with the impact of climate change will learn and enjoy The Silent Count.


Antonio We Know You by Antonio

 Salazar Hobson

Antonio, We Know You is a life changing memoir follows that the life of a migrant farmworker who was kidnapped at the age of four and trafficked until ten. A heart-wrenching story that inspires hope in tragic circumstances. Author Antonio shares the legacy of his family.




From The Potato to Star Trek and Beyond by Chester L. Richards

School can be a demanding and stressful time, but everyone needs some fun reads to unwind. Chester L. Richards takes readers on a wild ride, showing what happens when you view life as a series of adventures. His life’s greatest stories from “the Great Potato” to writing a famous Star Trek episode, to becoming a rocket scientist. A man living life to the fullest, he reveals stories and lessons everyone can appreciate in From The Potato to Star Trek and Beyond.


Mindless Behaviors by Beatrice Adenodi

What better time to broaden views and free the mind than now? Get this next book on your back-to-school TBR. Discover a motivational resource to help change the way you perceive circumstances. Author Beatrice Adenodi guides readers by shedding light on our Mindless Behaviors. Learn how to combat typical negative, reactive cycles of human behavior through effective communication. Tap into your unconscious biases and activate your potential.


Always a Princess by Clyve Rose

We all need some sweet romance in our lives, even if it is in the form of reading. When the back-to-school period becomes a little tough, this regency with a gorgeous love story between two different cultures, a Romani princess, and an Englishman is perfect to delight you. Always a Princess is a unique and engrossing debut with a powerful leading woman and a lesson in the grace of two cultures.

Snoodles, Kiddodles, Poodles and lots and lots of Noodles by Steven Joseph

Education doesn’t have to be boring! For parents in search of a great, fun, and engaging book for the entire family, look no further. Known for his fun and entertaining style, Steven Joseph is back at it again with his delightful and imaginative storytelling. This hilarious new book, Snoodles, Kiddodles, Poodles and lots and lots of Noodles, will make kids and parents laugh out loud and is packed with new flavors and emotions.


Matt Miller in the Colonies Series by Mark J Rose

Feels like science and history classes just don’t satisfy your curiosity anymore? Want to step it up? Then try the Matt Miller in the Colonies series. A victim of unexpected time travel, Matt Miller wakes up in Colonial America where he must adjust to a new life while trying to find his way home. With 3 books published and another coming soon, this is the perfect moment to get the series on your list.


We’ve compiled a list of incredible books that remind us of the value of teaching, studying, and growing together. Representation and empathy are important! Expand your book collection with these back to school books that will motivate, assert, and encourage. Let’s make this a great school year! Want a chance to win these books plus more? Enter the Back To School Giveaway!

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