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Award-Winning Author Laurel Anne Hill is Back with a New YA Historical Fantasy

Who doesn’t like a good historical fantasy? And if it’s by an award-winning author like Laurel Anne Hill, it’s bound to sweep you off your feet. You may remember Laurel’s prize-winning novel, The Engine Woman’s Light. She received over thirteen awards and honors, including a Kirkus Star and the Kirkus Top 100 Indie Books recognition.

YA Historical Fantasy: Plague of Flies

Plague of Flies book coverLaurel Anne Hill’s latest, Plague of Flies: Revolt of the Spirits, 1846, is about a 16-year-old Mexican girl, Catalina. It’s an extraordinary story of her courage as she fights for her country after American invaders declare war on Mexico.

When these American invaders, called the Bear Flaggers, declare that Mexican California belongs to the United States, Cataline takes on a new role. As circumstances deteriorate, her friends are imprisoned and murdered, leaving her no choice but to protect all those she holds dear. But Catalina is not alone. The mighty spirits guide her through it all. Catalina risks everything – her status, the future of her love life, and her soul to stop the tragedy she fears.

About Plague of Flies: In Laurel Anne Hill’s Words

Laurel Anne Hill headshotLaurel says about her newest book, “My Mexican great-grandmother, as a teen in US California during the 1860s, recruited Mexican ex-patriots to return to their country of birth and rid Mexico of French soldiers. Her dedication, and that of my great-great-grandmother and many others, helped restore the Mexican Republic. How could this bit of family history not inspire me to create a character such as Catalina? A brave young woman in the 1840s who learns to believe the unbelievable and accomplish what only she is meant to do?”

Giddy up, experience the mid-19th century Mexican Alta California with Catalina. Witness the aura of spirits she encounters along the way. Plague of Flies: Revolt of the Spirits, 1846 by Laurel Anne Hill is available on Amazon.

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