Autumn Reading List

It’s finally that time of year again. It’s the season of carving pumpkins, crunching leaves, cuddling up in warm sweaters, and best of all, reading cozy books! Autumn reading lists are all about finding a new world to explore while you relax and snuggle up with a fresh new book on a crisp autumn day.  We are so excited to bring you this autumn reading list, and once you read more, you’ll be excited too.


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Matt was enjoying his trek along the Appalachian Trail; fall was here. The air was crisp and the leaves on the trees were changing to vivid colors of red, orange, yellow and brown. But in the world of Journeyman, one minute you’re hiking, the next minute you’re waking up in a strange barn with no recollection of the past few hours. When Matt finally comes to, he notices that something isn’t quite right…the trees.  Welcome to the story of a 21st century man transported to colonial America. Will he survive?







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The Engine Woman’s Light

Nothing says Autumn like ghosts and spirits! As a baby, Juanita was rescued by her grandmother who sacrificed her life to keep the newborn safe. Now, family ancestors visit Juanita from beyond the grave. Juanita is chosen by the spirits to follow in her grandmother’s footsteps and save the neglected and abused. The Engine Woman’s Light is a mystical adventure you won’t want to miss. The perfect blend of mysticism and mystery for your autumn reading list.








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How Women Negotiate from a Position of Strength

When is the last time you Googled yourself?  Fall is the perfect time to clean up your online presence. If you want success, it starts with your personal brand. Your personal brand is the calling card that connects you to recognition, influence, and impact. Make sure your brand is telling the world exactly what you want it to say.  How Women Negotiate from a Position of Strength is a motivational read set to put you on the right track for a better future.







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Next Therapist Please

Janie goes through therapists faster than leaves fall from the trees in autumn. Although her life journey has had a few road bumps, she manages to stay positive and maintain a witty sense of humor. Anxiety, OCD, and depression are all serious issues brought to light with an entertaining story and comedic relief.  Next Therapist Please is a relatable and heartwarming story you’re sure to enjoy this fall.







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The Prince

Summer is over, but that doesn’t mean the adventures are! Prepare to get lost in the world of Fenrir. Enabled by his super natural powers, Prince Callum stops at nothing to find his kidnapped boyfriend.  Follow two lovers as they fight against all odds to find each other again.  Read The Prince this fall to get your fix of romantic yet thrilling adventure.








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XX v XY: The Final World War

With midterm elections coming up in November, political tides have a chance to shift. XX v XY is a dystopian novel warning us what America could be if change does not happen soon. In this novel, America is split into two, men control the east, women control the west. The country is at odds and war is imminent. The tale brings light to our own current political tension. It shows why the fight for equality is more important now than ever. Before you cast your ballot, read XX v XY: The Final World War.

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