Be a Better Manager in Five Minutes a Day | Leading the Charge: The Dominic Mcloughlin Way

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Interview with Steven Joseph Author of Snoodles in Space Episode 2: The Zoodles Strike Back

Q. What will parents and educators discover in “Snoodles in Space Episode 2: The Zoodles Strike Back!”? A. This is what they will discover. When the totally ridiculous becomes absolutely believable, life can be wonderful with everything being possible. Q. Talk to us about the importance of avoiding “quick labeling” of children and how this … Read more

Masterpiece: Unveiling the Journey of Spiritual Transformation with Jay Morris

https://youtu.be/Y6SFFXf_UJ0 Books That Make You Realize You Are a Masterpiece We often have doubts about ourselves, and our lives. We can become bitter, regretful, and think it is simply our lot in life to experience inequity or unfairness. It is sometimes easy for us to let others write us off. Jay Morris might well have … Read more

Step Back in Time: The Enchanting World of Henderson House with Caren Simpson McVicker

https://youtu.be/RMutSp4cBGY?si=QNWfpj3qMN3uoKL8 Books That Make You Go Back in Time to 1940s Oklahoma Books with a strong sense of place, time, family, home, and all the love, laughs and drama that go along with it, are the ones that make us wanna curl up on the porch rocking chair and sip a sweet tea while reading. … Read more

Unveiling the Mystical World of the Acceptance Series with Rebecca Heidt

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Cinema Revisited: The Defining Films of the 1990s with Scott Ryan The Last Decade of Cinema

Books That Make You Relive Video Rental Stores, and 90s Cinema Scott Ryan, a pop culture historian and expert on the entertainment industry, has turned his sights on the 1990s in his latest work, The Last Decade of Cinema, a provocative book of dozens of essays looking back at twenty-five movies that defined the century’s … Read more

Literary Landscapes for Pros of Prose

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A Rebel Princess Who Saves Others, The Last Lumenian, By S.G. Blaise

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Read Through the Mystery behind Doug Kari’s Gripping True Crime Book, “The Berman Murders.” 

True crime enthusiasts and mystery lovers rejoice in delight as author Doug Kari releases his latest book, The Berman Murders. Dig into the heart of one of California’s most haunting unsolved crimes, Doug Kari takes readers on a gripping as well as seizing journey through the Mojave Desert, where the disappearance of Barry and Louise … Read more