Another Delicious Horror by Super Chef & Award-winning Author David Ruggerio

Award-winning author, David Ruggerio is set for a winning streak for his favorite genre with the next horror novel – A Prison Without Locks. But why are some prestigious reviewers raving about the still to be released book, you ask?


David Ruggerio Promises Horror Fiction Fans Many Sleepless Nights

book cover of A Prison Without LocksHere are some of the reasons why David Ruggerio’s novel is receiving great reviews. His second foray into horror takes the genre fans of all ages on a chilling rollercoaster ride of events unpacking their deepest fears. This Fall, Ruggerio promises his fans many a sleepless night. Trapped in the dark, monsters rising in the night, spooky characters, and strange occurrences is a common theme through this book. So, faint-hearted readers, trade with caution.

“That was enough for her, she bolted like a young child frightened of what was under the bed and ran as fast as she could up the stairs, directly into the soothing illumination of her bedroom. She slammed the door shut.” 

The small excerpt from the novel is a tiny glimpse of the terrifying world David Ruggerio’s created for his readers. The story starts with a journalist reporting the series of events happening in Wawarsing. This seemingly utopian town situated near the Catskills Mountains known for Sleepy Hollow and surrounded by Witch’s Hole State Forest. Things are not how they used to be in Wawarsing. The evil creeping from the dark has the residents fear for their life.


The Battle of Good vs. Evil

As the night falls over this quaint hamlet, the dead are reborn with the mysterious Doctor Roger Pretorius in tow. Pretorius is not alone. He lives with his demonic “rescued dwarf” and sidekick, Henry Howard Holmes, in a haunted mansion called “a prison without locks.” Pretorius’ shadowy past has come to haunt Wawarsing and threaten its residents. But as Halloween arrives, things start to spiral out of control. In the final showdown, will the villagers face their fears and rise to the evil?

If you dare, pre-order your copy of A Prison Without Locks to find out.

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