Historical, Paranormal Romance with Anika Savoy, Author of The Ghost in Her

Books to Add to You Take a Supernatural Trip to the 19th Century

It was a time dominated by the very rich, when immigrants lived in an area called the Bowery, when women could easily be cast into an institution. It was also a time of hope and magic.
And so we have the background for author Anika Savoy’s “The Ghost in Her”, a story that is part paranormal romance, part historical fiction, part fairy tale and so much more.
Anika is an award-winning author and attorney who has always felt a supernatural pull. A healthy skeptic, she nonetheless can’t deny her own near-death experience, which made a shift in her life and in her writing.
An avid explorer and researcher, her research has taken her to dark places like Blackwell’s Island, the recesses of her own past and into the path of a random gentleman who gifted her an amazing cookbook.


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