Ancient Artifacts and Cautionary Tales with P. L. Hampton, Author Of SHADOWLAND

Books That Make You Enter a World of Ancient Artifacts You Positively Should Not Mess With

If you’re like us, you love cautionary tales warning readers of the things they shouldn’t mess around with. And when you mix horror, suspense with poignant themes like family and potentially losing it all, you have one of those page-turners you never want to put down.

Author P. L. Hampton has drawn from true events, real history and his own familial lore to write his dark speculative novel, Shadowland. 

How does the mysterious Yoruba (Yor-oo-ba) Divination Board, which plays as the central artifact in his novel, actually work? Where did it come from? And why does it open a path of no-return for the fictional Aaron Langford and his family?
A college professor, P. L. Hampton was born and raised in Seattle, Washington. Currently he also a law student pursuing his JD.

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