An In Depth Look at, You are Psychic: A Healer’s Handbook

We sat down with author Michael Priv to discuss his latest work, You are Psychic: A Healer’s Handbook.  We are intrigued by the notion that being psychic is an ability that can be learned through practice. Anyone can hone their abilities and become a healer, with the right attitude and determination. Priv explains why he wrote this handbook and how everyone has psychic abilities.

How were you most inspired to write your book?


It took many years and a lot of work to develop my own psychic abilities and be able to save my own life twice now and successfully heal others. I made lots of mistakes, some very costly health-wise and time-wise. I kept thinking there was a textbook of some sort which I could study or do some drills, but no! I kept thinking there was a good and practical meditations guide, but no! I thought I could learn a whole lot from others on the internet, but no! I’ve had teachers but not a single one of them gave me the practical abilities that I was looking for or the theological answers to my questions (and make no mistake, theological questions and practical abilities are inextricably intertwined). It was a very bumpy ride for me. So, when I finally got somewhere, I decided to write things down to smooth the path for any others who want to follow.


Can you briefly explain your book for someone who has never heard of it?


YOU ARE A PSYCHIC is first of all a handbook, a practical guide of specific meditations and drills that help develop extra-sensory abilities to view inside a body, to locate anybody anywhere with your mind and then view their body from thousands of miles away even if you don’t know them and never met them, and then use specific techniques to actually heal various organs and functions in the body. Sounds impossible and it is impossible but only because of 2 specific barriers that need to be eliminated first:

(1) Fixation on authorities and experts and searching out who to listen to instead of blazing one’s own ORIGINAL path.

(2) Inability to keep one’s nose clean and tendency to commit constant little boo-boos and then justify them. The first barrier will limit your progress to about 10% of what it should be and the second will prevent any progress at all. So, the book attempts to take those two barriers out of the way as the first priority. Then we run into the situation that these meditations and drills have to be done with certain understanding of the world around us, the energy that holds it together, God, spirits and the rest of it. It isn’t enough to just robotically do the meditations and drills. To be successful as a healer one needs to have unshakable certainty and be very high on the Unconditional Love scale. Those things are not possible without clear understanding of what is really going on, who we are and how we fit in. The book takes up all of this in addition to the meditations and drills.


What can readers expect from this book?


To never be the same again. To be better, kinder, a lot more powerful, to open up a whole new world for themselves.


Can you tell me three fun or interesting facts about you?


I can locate and establish psychic contact with any person anywhere who wants to contact me, whether I know them or

not, know where they are geographically or not.


I can diagnose and heal various organs and even at times pinpoint psychological causes in one’s past.


I speak with a Ukrainian accent but to me as a writer that is bad for business so sometimes I tell people I am from Pennsylvania and it works just fine.


Do you have any future books in the making?


I am working on the psychic healing sequel with actual case studies.


What would you like the world to know about your book?


There is a lot MORE to life and the world than meets the eye. The world is not 3-dimensional, it is multi-dimensional. We can all do miracles and we should, it is so much fun!


How do you think your book relates to the world today?


The limited, mechanistic world we think we live in is careening toward a precipice out of control. This will not end well and soon. We must find our true roots and tap into our spiritual understanding and abilities to change course.


What do you hope will be the everlasting thoughts for readers who finish your book? What should remain with them long after putting it down?





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