Poetry, The Language oOur Hearts, With zO AlonzO Author of sOuL eLiXir The writingZ of zO

Books That  Make Your Heart Fill with Poetry

Poetry is the language of our hearts. It lifts us, moves us and inspires us in ways we often can’t imagine until we are in the throes of a beautiful passage.
Award-winning poet Alonzo “zO” Gross, or zO-AlonzO, is a Songwriter, Rap Artist, Actor, Dancer, Recording Artist, Playwright & Screenwriter.
His short stories were first published internationally in 2005 and in 2006 in the “Staying Sane” book series, published by Evelyn Fazio. His first book of poems, “Inspiration, Harmony and the World Within” was published in 2012. In that same year, he was also awarded “Best Spoken Word Poet” at the Lehigh Valley Music Awards.
Then, in January of 2018, he released his second book of poetry entitled “sOuL eLiXir: The writingZ of zO”. In June of 2021, zO released his third book of poetry and art, “PoemZ 4 U AND YourZ“, and in April of 2022, he won first place in The Bookfest Awards. zO is a graduate in the field of English Literature/Dance from Temple University.

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