A Reading List for Business Leaders

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text][qodef_dropcaps type=”normal” color=”#1d1d1d” background_color=””]I[/qodef_dropcaps]s there a well-rounded list of books on your shelf? In addition to all those motivational and success books, do you branch out and read other topics? What about fiction? Doing so can help you redefine your ideas and perceptions as a business professional. A lot of experts say that a well-strategized bookshelf mix can give you unexpected insights, deeper understanding of people, and help with other aspects of your life, in business and beyond.

Here are some of the books that professionals, business leaders, and all book-lovers are diving into this year. Some, you will find, are old, some are new, some you may have heard of before, and some are hidden gems you’ll be glad you uncovered with us.
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The Best Books for Developing Your Skills

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How To Win Friends and Influence People

Let’s start stocking your bookshelf with a standard. If you haven’t read this quintessential book, then wait no longer. Get your copy of How To Win Friends and Influence People. Even if you think it is outdated, or that what it teaches is old-hat, or even if you read it a while ago, grab it again. There is always something new to glean from this all-time bestseller.

Your Best Year Ever: A 5-Step Plan for Achieving Your Most Important Goals

Moving onto something new, Michael Hyatt’s Your Best Year Ever: A 5-Step Plan for Achieving Your Most Important Goals is what people around the watercooler are starting to talk about. Because we all get caught up in the day-to-day struggle to get things done, we tend to push the big goals to the back burner. Then, unfortunately, those goals get forgotten. Don’t be a casualty of this phenomenon. This book promises to help people design their best year in just five hours.

XX v XY: The Final World War

This stirring book by Cheaters creator Bobby Goldstein, authored by Christina Cigala, XX v XY: The Final World War gives us a view of a future that might happen if women and men continue on the current trajectory. It coincidentally came out just as the #MeToo movement started taking hold, and eerily mirrors current events. Because we all need to understand the ramifications of women being objectified, this book needs a spot on your bookshelf.

Our Guardian Renegade

Do you like to game? How about a book written by a gamer-turned-storyteller to give you a fresh perspective on the big issues like good vs. evil, the importance of teamwork, and ideas that challenge and support gender diversity. The new author everyone is talking about, Harley Zed Mona, released Our Guardian Renegade at age 16. If you need a motivator, then this book is a must-read. Great for anyone who develops or works with teams.

Wraith Ladies Who Lunch

Imagine being a ghost trapped in the world of the living, with nothing to do but have lunch at the Cheesecake Factory and contemplate the meaning of your existence. To get a twisted perspective on the important questions—and to learn a bit about the real mummy Tasenetnethor, who was on display at the Los Angeles County Museum of Art—snag this novella. It is a quick read, too, idea for a coffee shop or train ride commute. Wraith Ladies Who Lunch by Sean Patrick Traver helps us appreciate the value of our time on Earth.

Fenrir Chronicles: The Prince

When it comes to getting the right perspective, author Nanishka Torres nails it in The Prince. Because she grew frustrated with the way LGBTQ relationships were portrayed in popular fiction, she decided to create a world where it was perceived with no stigmas. The result is an action-packed fantasy that pits a reason-based society against a rebel faction that wishes to disrupt the peace. When the Prince’s lover is taken hostage, just like anyone, he stops at nothing to save the man he loves.

The Fuehrer’s Blood

Are you a World War II buff? Nothing puts history in perspective like imaging what might have been if it turned out different. As we enter the second year of the 75th anniversary of WWII, add The Fuehrer’s Blood to your reading list. By Indian-born author Shreyans Zaveri, the book is inspired by the stories of Germans who lived through the war. Based on the idea that Hitler might not have died in that bunker, it unleashes a myriad of notions that will keep you wondering.

Path of Lucas: The Journey He Endured

Life is a series of difficult choice. Lucas is a family man with beautiful children and a wonderful wife living on a farm in Canada. However, When his wife is diagnosed with psychotic depression Lucas must decide between putting his wife in a mental hospital or trying to save her himself. Path of Lucas by Susanne Bellefeuille is an inspirational story that shows the importance of family, love and the will to never give up.


Pachinko by Min Jin Lee follows one Korean family, beginning in early the 1900s with Sunja, the poor yet proud family’s daughter. An unplanned pregnancy threatens to bring shame to them. You’ll be transported to another time, and given a ride through four generations in this bestseller. Moving and motivating, get ready to be transformed after reading this book What books are on your reading list this year? As a professional, are you branching out and exploring more than the typical books that leaders read?

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