A Look at Children's Books Perfect to Help Cope With Moving

A Look at Children’s Books Perfect to Help Cope With Moving

Relocating is always a challenging task, especially for kids. Children find it difficult to handle the emotions and feelings surrounding moving. The fear and anxiety of relocating can be overwhelming for kids since they will have to leave behind what they are used to. However, as parents, you can get around this through books. Let’s look at the must-read books for kids that can help when relocating.

The Berenstain Bears’ Moving Day

It is a classic book by Stan and Jan Berenstain. The Berenstain Bears’ Moving Day is about a Mama and Papa bear who decide to relocate from the mountainside to a new tree house. Although Brother bear is not ready to leave their beautiful mountainside, he must prepare for the move. The book helps children to understand that there are times you have to say goodbye to the things you love to embrace new beginnings.

Goodbye Old House

The book is by Margaret Wild and Ann James. It’s the perfect read for children when beginning a new adventure. The book is about a young child saying goodbye to the things he loved to do while living in the old house. He tries to overcome the emotions that it is the last time he will get to do those things. It is an excellent read that can help kids learn to let go of their old house and prepare for the new one.

The Good-Pie Party

Children are usually sad when it comes to relocating. One of the things resulting in the sadness is leaving their friends behind. The book is by Liz Garton Scanlon and Kady MacDonald Denton. It centers around three friends who realize that one of them is relocating. The three friends, Mae, Megan, and Posy, have to deal with sad emotions about saying goodbye. Posy is the one relocating, and Megan and Mae decide to throw for her a goodbye party. The book is great for kids between five and eight years old and can help them positively deal with relocating emotions.

Big Ernie’s New Home

This is an excellent read for children relocating, whose role is played by a cat. The book is by Terese Martin. It is about a cat and its owner having to move to Arizona. Big Ernie is the cat, and Henry is the owner. When Big Ernie discovers that they have to relocate, he finds a way to manage his sadness, worry, and confusion positively. After their move, Big Ernie and Henry begin new adventures and love their new home.

Evelyn Del Rey is Moving Away

It is an excellent read for kids with best friends. The book’s illustrator is Sonia Sanchez and written by Meg Medina. ‘Evelyn Del Rey is Moving Away’, is about two close friends, Evelyn and Daniela. The two live on the same street across from one another. When the day of relocating reaches, Evelyn and her parents must move away, and the best friends must say goodbye. It is a great book for kids finding it hard to say farewell to the friends they are leaving behind. The book helps them understand the beauty of friendship and that they should continue communicating even after relocating.

As much as moving may be sad and challenging for kids, a good read can help them get around it. With the list above, you can find your child a good read to make the transition easier.

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