A Call for Security: Writing About Racism – Part Two: System Reboot

A Black Woman Lawyer’s Experience

Part Two of a Two-Part Discussion

This is Part Two of the discussion with Dr. Raye Mitchell. Click here to read Part One.

Q: Your story about your encounter with your Amy Cooper is fascinating, so, in light of everything going on: COVID-19 striking Black America at a higher rate and the national cry for justice following the George Floyd murder, how are you doing? How are you taking care of your health and well-being?

Despite it all, I am well. I am defending my well-being by diving into my creative energy. In addition to being a civil rights and intellectual property lawyer and consultant, I am a writer and producer of content. With love for helping people produce, protect and tell their stories to the masses, I am writing a couple of new books, working on my novel (which includes more about the story of my encounter with my Amy Cooper), and working on launching a new product line that supports the books, and a new TV program concept I have coming to market.

These issues do weigh heavily on our hearts and minds, but we have to confront them if we are to move forward. Even as an Ivy League-educated litigation attorney, these stories are hard to digest and difficult to tell. I am telling my story now because I must. Through the broad spectrum of storytelling, I believe we can begin to find common ground and, maybe, begin to heal the wounds of racism.


Q: Are you still practicing law? What do you like the most about being an attorney? What do you like about being a writer during these turbulent times?

The answer to all three questions is the same. I love being a storyteller about life’s experiences, and I can solve problems for people by helping them tell their stories, telling their stories, or even telling my stories.

My encounter with this attorney is a source of creative energy and resolve to find new ways to get the story out. Even though I do not practice much, I still like helping my clients by applying my legal knowledge where I can. After all, I decided to go to Harvard Law School to empower me to help others. I knew I was smart. I knew I was agile. That empowerment motivated me to find ways to combat the Amy Coopers of the world.

Now, I use that same power, legal training, and a culmination of lived experiences to write and create compelling content. We are living in a fantastic age where culture as content is in high demand. I produce content for myself, and I assist clients in getting their content to market as an intellectual property strategist and content strategist.


Q: We are amid this emerging national reckoning on race and justice in this country, how is that impacting your work if you are not just practicing law?

Funny, you should ask. I get that question all the time these days. There is an urgent need to tell authentic stories on all fronts. As an IP strategist, content creator, and qualified expert advising companies, writers, and the entertainment industry on diversity inclusion and race matters, I do a lot of work on content analysis and development for my clients. One area sky rocketing is the demand for manuscript, editorial, and content assessment on all materials as the industry raises consciousness about race, racism, and how to develop culture as content respectfully.

That is the main reason that I am writing my next book on how to produce, protect, and tell your story to the masses. We all have a story to tell. We all have a spark of genius in us, and I love helping people tell their stories to the masses, and just as importantly, protect their IP assets in the process. So, my new book is chalked with real stories, reals strategies, and inside tips for writers, content producers, creative geniuses, and entrepreneurs.


Q: How do we find out more about your books, your new books, your Amy Cooper story, and your consulting services for writers, editors, and others in the creative industry?

I see this historical moment as an opportunity to contribute something unifying to help heal the disease of racism plaguing our country. I would love to chat with any person with a positive attitude.

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