8 Ways to Help Yourself Relax When Reading a New Book

8 Ways to Help Yourself Relax When Reading a New Book

The excitement and anticipation that come with the prospect of diving into your favorite subject of interest, or escaping into some fantastical universe, is one-of-a-kind.

But there’s always something to pull our attention back to reality. Distractions mount inside our brains, and as page one gets opened, it’s hard to concentrate on the pleasure of exploring your newly acquired entertainment.

While the distractions that keep you from relaxing may be overwhelming, there are many simple ways to wind down and enjoy your new read.

1- Create a Distraction-Free Reading Area

Before you do anything else, create a space for yourself where you can be alone with your book. It doesn’t have to be anything extravagant, but you want a quiet space that won’t be bombarded by random distractions.

Nothing will keep you from relaxing more than hearing random noises and seeing random movements in your peripheral vision as you try to concentrate. Find a relaxing book nook that’s just for you.

2- Get Rid of Your Phone

Put your phone in another room and forget about it for a while. If it’s not anywhere near you, you won’t have the urge to check emails or social media or scroll through your latest texts.

You’re not trying to multitask right now. The whole point is to enjoy your new read, so put the phone away and let yourself!

3- Put on Some Light Background Music

Ambient music you enjoy will help you release your stress from the day as you prepare to dive into your new treat, but keep it light. Throwing on your favorite dance tunes might feel good, but the idea is to relax so you can concentrate on your book.

4- Utilize Aromatherapy

The power of aromatherapy for relaxation can’t be understated. There are several ways to use aromatherapy, such as lighting some incense or buying a diffuser. Many different scents promote relaxation, so find the one that you like best!

5- Light a Candle

The dancing flicker of a candle is always soothing while you’re in a space alone. Think about lighting a candle to enhance the relaxing qualities of your reading space. You can also double the usefulness of lighting a candle for relaxation by getting a scented candle for your area and enjoying the aromatherapy it provides.

6- Surround Yourself with Comfort

The things that make you the most comfortable in life are the things you should be using to relax with your new book. It could be a comfortable chair, a warm blanket, or maybe you’re a Snuggie person. Whatever it is, use it to help you relax in your reading space.

7- Maintain a Good Posture

The more you’re able to keep a good posture as you enjoy your reading, the less likely you are to be distracted by minor pain or soreness. Don’t slouch, but keep yourself comfortable at the same time.

8- Do Some Light Exercise Before Reading

You don’t want to do a whole sweaty routine that will wear you out, but doing light exercise before reading can encourage better concentration and memory retention. Better concentration as you begin your new read will help you relax as you start to enjoy those first few pages.

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