8 Podcast Episodes Every Literature Lover Needs To Hear

If you are passionate about reading and everything related to it, the Books That Make You podcast is here to bring you up to date with all the bookish news. Here, you will find interviews with authors, book publishers and many other industry experts. During the episodes, host and founder Desireé Duffy will guide you through a literary journey full of multiple genres, philosophies and life lessons in this podcast focused on all things books.


In this article, we will go over some of the best episodes you can listen to right now, as well as some forthcoming shows. So settle in, and grab your blanket and your favorite tea and listen to some amazing story telling in these podcasts.


Paid to Be Perfect book cover1. ”What It’s Like to Be a Fit Model” With Heather Mathes, Author of Paid to Be Perfect

Finding the balance between mental and physical health can be difficult. In this podcast, Heather talks about the real-life ways someone might always be on their best weight, from a 2 to a 22, and most importantly, to do it in a healthy way.

Heather shares stories about her own experiences in the fit modeling world, and her lifestyle habits of nutrition, fitness, and skincare, as well as secrets behind being a fit model. Listen to the podcast here.


Project Adventure Box Set Cover2. ”Go on Adventures” with David Konrad, Author of the Project Adventure Children’s Book Series

In this show, David Konrad talks about his book series of exhilarating adventures and detective stories, guaranteed to keep every young reader hooked. It’s a series about friendship, courage, and life lessons. David himself is an adventurous Dad who shares his love of storytelling with his twins and with young readers around the world, and his passion is reflected in his writing. Check out the podcast here.


The Sweetest Ladybug book cover3. ”Diversity in Children’s Literature” with Isabel Cintra, Author of The Sweetest Ladybug

No matter the age, it’s important for every kid to feel represented and heard. In this show,  author Isabel Cintra  highlights how significant representation and diversity is to children around the world. Having grown up wondering why the characters in her favorite fairy tales didn’t look like her, she took matters into her own hands. Her books portray sweet, magical tales that feature black and brown heroes and sheroes, filled with themes such as kindness and hard work. Listen to more here.


Tricks 'n Trees book cover4. ”Enter A Magical World With Your Children”, With Dames Handsome

This show focuses on the significance of making reading fun and attractive to kids. In Fairy Knights: Tricks ‘n Trees, author Dames Handsome created an imaginative read about a trio of fairy Knights, with a mix of Korean and Western fairy tales,  making this role-playing-inspired adventure perfect for any kid with a love for games. Fairy Knights is filled with beautiful illustrations, and makes for a great spooky bedtime read for every kid, but also a great tool for parents everywhere. Listen to the podcast here.


Plague of Flies book cover5. Historical fiction with Laurel Anne Hill, author of Plague of Flies: Revolt of the Spirits

In this interview, we get a glimpse into Laurel Anne Hill’s latest, Plague Of Flies, a magical historical fiction based in 1864 Mexico that follows Catalina, a brave young girl, through the hardships of war. If you enjoy reading YA books and want to learn more about Mexican culture, this immersive story with mesmerizing characters and gorgeous writing will steal your heart. Listen to it here.


Million Dollar Miracle book cover6. ”Become A Millionaire” with Michael E. Bash, author of Million Dollar Miracle

In this show, you will learn the tips and secrets from successful real estate mogul Michael E Bash in making millions of dollars, so you might never have to work again. It may sound crazy or fantastical, but with focus and work, anyone can make their income sufficient, and invest for the future. Throughout his life, Michael has helped fund different charity projects, and has participated in building hospitals, synagogues, and a university in Israel. Learn more here.


Always a Princess book cover7. ”New Historical Romance”, with Clyve Rose

For every romance book lover out there, one thing is clear: real love is worth fighting for. And what better way to prove this theory than by writing several award-winning romance novels that captivates any heart? In this interview, historical romance writer Clyve Rose talks about her books, as well as how her writing has helped her deal with issues such as anxiety and PTSD—even how it’s helped her better process life’s emotions. Listen to the conversation here.


8. “Books That Make You Make You Cranky”, with author Steven Joseph

As the world around us seems to be getting crazier and more cranky-inducing, there is no wonder we aren’t always in our best mood. We’re all a little bit cranky, and that’s fine. Steven Joseph gets that, and it’s one of the reasons why he wrote The Crankatsuris Method: A Grownup Guide to Effective Crankiness, a complete opposite of your usual self-help book. A well-known children’s book author and humorist, Steven knows how to get to his readers through comedy. Listen to the podcast here.


Stay tuned for these three new amazing authors and their interviews, soon to come:


Race For WhatJD Mass: Race For What?: A White Man’s Journey to Healing Racism From Within – a book that encourages white people to work through the emotional and psychological obstacles to heal the harm racism has caused, as well as learn how we can look forward to a world without it. Learn more about the book here.




The Path 365Suzie Newell: The Path 365: Daily Direction for Ladies and Mothers, Witches and Others – Based on the author’s research as a doctorate specializing in coping mechanisms for women, The Path 365 demystifies the concepts of mind, body, and spirit and allows you to create a path uniquely your own. It is a down-to-earth approach to reclaiming health from the inside to the outside. Discover the book here.



Those Who Hunt WolvesHarrison Taylor – Those Who Hunt Wolves: A dark government secret, a weapon that can either save or destroy the world, espionage and super-soldiers: these and more in this forthcoming action-packed thriller mystery that will keep you on the edge of your seat. Visit the website here.


Have any of these episodes grabbed your attention? If you’re looking for even more bookish podcasts, interviews, booklists and recommendations, you can find them all here.


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