6 Top Book Loving Traditions to Incorporate into Your Holidays This Year

1. Attend Jingle Books

If you love holiday gatherings, but, don’t actually like leaving the house, Jingle Books is for you. It is an annual online event that unites authors and readers for the most fabulous winter bookish celebration.

Watch along with authors as the discuss books, read passages, and more. Plus, you can join the Facebook group where people will be playing games, winning prizes, and having lots of virtual fun. If you’re a book lover, you’ll want to check it out this year. Enter the Grand Prize giveaway now, and the winner will be announced at the end of the party. Join on December 3rd from 5pm- 7pm PT.


2. Listen to an Audio Book While Baking Cookies

Audio books are fantastic to read while your hands are busy – and what better way to celebrate the holidays than baking some homemade cookies while listening to the latest book? You can blast your book on a speaker or throw in some earbuds, either way, spend your time doing what you love, plus, then you get to enjoy the fruits of your labor with yummy cookies.


3. Jolabokaflod – The Icelandic Tradition You Need to Use

Jolabokaflo translates to “Christmas Book Flood”, on Christmas Eve, the people of Iceland exchange books to read. Families gather together to give the gift of books, as a special treat and a way to celebrate the holiday. Each book is wrapped up in traditional Icelandic paper and given to a special person. That person then spends their Christmas eve evening reading their new book. It’s truly a wholesome tradition, that kids, adults, and everyone can get behind.  If you’re looking for book recommendations, may I suggest this list of books?


4. Consider Making Book Crafts for Gifts this Holiday?

Looking for a way to get creative? Grab some supplies and start making some bookish crafts to give as gifts. Design a few special bookmarks to add to books you’re giving. Create a photo album or scrap book to give to someone special. Use the pages of an old book to create an ornament or holiday decoration. The possibilities are endless.


5. Take a Walk and Visit My Little Libraries to Spread Holiday Cheer

You’ve seen them, right? The little boxes outside houses, churches, schools, filled with books encouraging people to take a book and leave a book? Maybe you stop every once in a while and browse the selection. Why not grab a tote of your well read, but no longer needed books, and take a walk to drop off your books at the local little libraries in your neighborhood. Don’t have little libraries, and have no idea what I’m talking about? Try donating some books to resale shops.


6. Just Read

Ok, maybe this is a little on the nose, but grab a favorite book, or a brand new book, grab some hot cocoa, light some candles, and put on some holiday tunes. Cuddle in with a warm blanket, cozy socks, and get lost in your book. There truly is no better way to enjoy reading this holiday season, other than, to read.

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