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Author Mark Horn talks with Books That Make You host Desiree’ Duffy about how his book incorporates two belief practices that help you find your own path.
You’ve probably heard of many religions: Catholicism, ancient Kabbala, Islamism, and more, but do they all have a common ground? When we include Tarot, does it also have the same importance as other beliefs? [bctt tweet=” Is it possible to take mystical methods used by Tarot and Kabbala in hopes to gain knowledge or personal growth?” prompt=”Tweet This” username=”booksthatmakeyou” nofollow=”yes”] 
Mark Horn’s book incorporates Tarot and Kabbalistic traditions in counting the Omer. This practice assists with meditation and helps people who are on a personal journey. His book is titled, Tarot and the Gates of Light.
Horn’s writing has appeared in The Washington Post, The Los Angeles Times, and Metrosource. He has studied Kabbalah with academic, religious, and practical teachers, and he also studied Tarot with many of today’s leading teachers in that area. Mark is also a teacher of Kabbalistic Tarot; He lives in New York City.

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