5 Ways to Make Reading Fun

You want to read, you really do, but actually motivating yourself to pick up that book instead of spending the next hour on Facebook is hard. In a world of endless distractions, it’s difficult to sit down to read. It’s worth the effort though, reading is an excellent pastime and a rewarding hobby. If you’re ready to start reading, here are some ways to help make it fun.


Read what you want to read, not what you feel obligated to read.

It happens to the best of us. You visit the library or book store and see the classics, the books you’re told you HAVE to read.  All of a sudden reading starts to become a chore. It feels like a homework assignment even if you’ve been out of school for years. You feel guilty for picking up the sci-fi adventure instead of Crime and Punishment, but don’t! Reading for enjoyment should never feel like a chore. Read what you’re into, read what catches your eye, even if others might turn their nose up at it. It’s ok to read for pure entertainment, because hey, at least you’re reading

Check out your library to see if they have reading challenges for children or adults.

Library reading challenges are a fun way to read and win prizes, and who isn’t motivated by prizes? Check out your local library! While most have reading challenges for children, some libraries have extended the fun to include adults as well. It will be easier to get into reading with a goal to meet and prizes to win. If your local library doesn’t have a challenge to join, create your own!


Start listening to audiobooks.

I consider myself a book lover. I like turning the pages, reading at my own pace, and going back to re-read interesting phrases. The thought of audiobooks turned me off. Reading the words myself was so much faster than listening to someone else read. Plus, it’s not actually “reading” if you’re just listening. That’s cheating, right? Well, I listened to my first audiobook while on a road trip and instantly understood the appeal. Listening to audiobooks still requires you to use your imagination; you still have to picture the characters, their surroundings, the mood and feelings of the words. Your mind is still active while listening to audiobooks, which is the most important part of reading. Audiobooks are convenient to switch on while you’re driving, working out, doing chores, etc. If life is busy and you’re unable to actually sit down to read, turn on an audiobook instead.


Which is better, the movie or the book?

Let me tell you right now – it’s almost always the book. If a new movie based on a book is coming to theaters, grab the book and start reading. Compare and contrast and decide which is better. If you’ve already seen a movie that’s based on a book, it’s not too late to read the book. Most movies deviate from the book they’re based on and it’s fun to read another perspective.



Read comic books or magazines.

Everyone loves a good superhero comic, but there are so many other options out there. If you’re like me and are very visual but still enjoy reading, start looking at comics, graphic novels, or magazines.  It still counts as reading even if there is artwork and pictures!

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