5 T-Shirt Ideas For Book Lovers

Even though many people haven’t read a book since high school, and online stores have threatened to make bookstores obsolete, all of us still have at least one friend who is obsessed with reading. They’re always cancelling their Friday night plans with you in favor of staying in with a good book, they have a massive home library and are always recommending books to you, and you never know what to gift them because the only thing they want is books – but they already have all the books. 

As long as you know their size, a clothing item such as a t-shirt is a classic gift idea. You can find one with a funny bookish saying on it, or custom order one! Here are five t-shirt ideas for the book lover in your life.

The Book Was Better

One common complaint of many bookworms is that when they watch movies they are always disappointed because they’ve already read the book, and the book was better! So why not put it on a t-shirt!

Readers Gonna Read

Just like haters gonna hate, readers gonna read! Let your bookworm friend know that you know they’ll always choose books over you, and that you’re totally ok with that! 

Fight Evil, Read Books

Your bibliophile friend knows better than anyone that books are magic. They will probably tell you that if more people read as much as they do, there would be less evil in the world. And they might be right. 

My Weekend Is All Booked

How many times have you tried to make plans with your friend only to have them tell you they’re busy, then later on you find out that they read three books over the weekend? If this is a regular occurrence, a t-shirt that says “Sorry, my weekend is all booked” may just be the perfect gift idea. 

Bookstore Logos

If you like to travel, why not pop in to a bookstore far away from home and snag a t-shirt for your favorite reader? Most independent bookstores sell t-shirts, mugs, and other such souvenirs with their logos on them. Of course, your friend may be jealous they didn’t get to come with! 

I Like Big Books And I Cannot Lie

An homage to a popular 90s song, “I like big books and I cannot lie” is a great quip for your friend to show the world that they love reading and good music.

Have a blast creating or searching for a unique t-shirt that will make a great gift for your friend. But when you give it to them, just be prepared for them to fire off several more book recommendations for you to add to your list!

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