4 Wonderful Things to Look Forward to About Reading During Retirement

4 Wonderful Things to Look Forward to About Reading During Retirement

Retirement is one of the most exciting phases of life when you finally get to take a step back and enjoy life without having to worry about the rat race. You’re finally able to enjoy life at a more comfortable pace and think about your needs rather than the needs of others.

However, for many seniors, entering retirement may bring about feelings of uncertainty, or even the impression that you’re old. While you’re certainly not in your 20s anymore, remember, age is a state of mind not a number. Retirement is an opportunity to enjoy freedom and take advantage of one of the most special periods of your life. And one of the greatest opportunities to do what you love— read!

Opportunity to Read for Pleasure

When you have a full-time job, and kids to look after, it can be difficult to find time for the things that you enjoy, like reading. Reading is often more of a chore than a pleasure when we’re working full time. When you’re retired, however, your main focus becomes leisure and relaxation.

Since you’re no longer required to work, you can wake up in the morning and start reading whatever you want! From historical fiction to nonfiction— there’s no limit to what you can do with your free time. You get to choose your own schedule and spend your time doing whatever it is you want to read rather than what an employer tells you have to read.

More Time With Loved Ones

In our younger years, we may assume that we have all the time in the world to spend with the ones we love. The truth is that life flashes by before our very eyes, and every second is precious.

When you no longer have the pressure of a job holding you back, you can enjoy time with your friends and family and strengthen your relationships. Whether you get to spend time reading to your grandchildren or do some side-by-side reading with your spouse, quality time during your retirement years is precious, and reading is a great way to spend that time.


Although travel is wonderful when we are young, it can be even more appreciated in our retirement years. This is because we have fewer time constraints and pressures back home. We don’t have to ask for time off from our employer or rush back home to take our kids to school. We can take our time exploring new destinations without having to worry about rushing, giving us plenty of time to read all the books we want.

Reduced Stress

Multiple studies have shown that reading has a profound impact on our stress levels. As the saying goes, “What a pity to waste youth on the young.” Even though we have more energy in our younger years, and often fewer health complications, we are so stressed out and rushed in multiple directions that we hardly have time to enjoy our youth!

When we’re retired, we have more time to read, and we’re less stressed out overall. We know not to sweat the small stuff, and we’ve lived enough life experiences to know what’s truly important in life. This confident self-assuredness makes all the difference in our stress levels, and we’re much less susceptible to anxiety, giving us more opportunities to read.

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