4 Noteworthy Books to Read on the Evolution of Hats and Caps

4 Noteworthy Books to Read on the Evolution of Hats and Caps

There are so many reasons why people love hats. It allows them to express their personality and stay warm in the cold weather. They also protect people from the sun and keep them cool in the summertime. Hats are the perfect fashion accessory that can be used for various reasons.

Some wore hats to distinguish the ranking of a person in military, religious, or royal authority. Hats and caps can also help people support their home team, and others love to dress up and wear hats for weddings, church services, and the Kentucky Derby.

Hat lovers will enjoy this list of books that talk about the evolution of hats and caps. Each of them includes high-quality photos and illustrations in a variety of styles. Read on for the four best books about hats.

1. “Women’s Hats Of The 20th Century”

This book celebrates both hats and caps in their original art form. It’s a must for those who love shopping vintage and collect hats. Authors Maureen Reilly and Mary Beth Detrich collaborated on this book which has vivid photos and illustrations of the most popular hat styles.

You’ll also notice they took the time to research both American and European styles of hats. It also includes notable designers and brand labels. It takes readers from period hat wear to memorable trends over the decades.

2. “Hats: A History Of Fashion In Headwear”

Hilda Amphlett wrote this book that features over 2,000 hat accessories. Nothing goes missing from this book. It also features over 800 illustrations from the author herself. She makes sure to show hats and caps in their various styles, regarding class, gender, race, and nationality.

This book is perfect for art students, collectors, and designers alike. It will also be a valuable reference for those who want a cohesive book about the history of hats. It’s a great gift for anyone who wants to learn about the headgear of yesteryear.

3. “Hats & Caps: Details In Fashion Design”

“Hats & Caps” is a guide written by Gianni Pucci and released from PromoPress. It includes over 1,200 photos of popular headgear that’s designed by well-known designers. It features caps, hats, head scarves, hairbands, turbans, and other head accessories.

That’s one thing that makes this book stand out from the rest. It focuses more on headgear as a whole. This book will also explain how these head accessories originated and became a staple in fashion. It’s the perfect textbook for art students, fashion designers, and students.

4. “Hats: Origins, Language, Style”

This book by Drak Stutesman takes readers into some of the most popular hats over the centuries. It goes all back to the medieval ages when royalty first wore crowns and the religious donned turbans. There’s also an overview of the bonnet and other traditional hats.

Stutesman starts with the Ice Age, and how the hat originated over time. He also writes about some of the most well-known hatmakers who still design the trendiest designs. “Hats: Origins, Language, Style” is a great book for those who are interested in a complete history of fashion within couture and culture.

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