#31 Books That Make You Become a Successful Leader – Jay Izso

Being a successful leader not only takes innate abilities but honing a skill set, which isn’t always easy. While some people seem to be natural leaders, others have to work at it. And no matter who you are leading—it could be your team at work, a committee you chair, a class, or even leading workers on a farm, you likely want to develop your leadership skills.  

Where do we learn how to be a successful leader? While it isn’t really taught in school, books can be a great resource for aspiring leaders. And that’s why we have Jay Izso with us today.

Jay says he’s been bit, kicked, thrown, stepped on, crapped on, gored, stabbed, shocked, and had soaped up his arms to deliver a calf in freezing weather.” And as someone who worked long hard farm hours, he learned a lot about leadership. Today, he shares that wisdom in his incredible book, Lessons from the Farm: Essential Rules for Success

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