#10 Books That Make You Wish for World Peace – Roya Akhavan

It’s probably the biggest wish that we all have for our fellow humans. Peace on Earth. As a matter of fact, if you asked a random sampling of people what they’d want if granted one wish, that’s an answer you’d get a lot. Why then, if so many people want world peace, is it so hard to obtain?  

Religion, politics, certain philosophies, and movements tend to want to take us back to “the good old days.” There is a tendency for people to romanticize how good it used to be. The motto “Make America Great Again,” while sounding benign, can be takethis way. When exactly was it so great? I mean, I believe we ARE great and constantly getting BETTER, but by no means are we or were we perfect. Our history is riddled with strife as we took this journey. Based on the way minorities were treated, slavery, gender inequality, and other societal woes, we should be focused forward, not backward, right? 

It is akin to wanting to revert to Sharia Law in the middle east. Why work backward and toward putting people down when we should lift them up?  

Can we achieve peace on earth with religious and political extremism? Do I need to take off my rose-colored glasses and accept that people, despite everything, are NOT really good at heart? 

Roya Akhavan isPh.D. and a professor at St. Cloud State University and author of: Peace for Our Planet: A New Approach. 

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