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Best Books for the Spring of 2021

Whether we like it or not, books reflect the tough realities of the world we are headed towards. But can we hope for a happy ending? From a reader’s perspective, 2021 is looking better than 2020. The surge of all kinds of fabulous books should help us stay on a positive path. With that, let’s explore these soon-to-be-favorite books that will entertain and enlighten you this spring.


Here Are the Best Books for the Spring of 2021 We Cannot Wait to Dive Into:


The Art of Hybrid Timber Framing 

Book cover image of The Art of Hybrid Timber FramingMeet the #1 New Release in Home Design & Construction – The Art of Hybrid Timber Framing by timber framing expert Bert Sarkkinen. Some things never go out of style. In fact, they become a vital source of inspiration for professionals and consumers alike. The same is the case with Hybrid Timber Framing in modern architecture. Explore the blend of traditional craftsmanship and current building styles in this must-read guide for homeowners, designers, and builders. This beautifully crafted coffee table book is packed with ideas, imagery, and instruction to help your inspiration and planning.

Enhance your home’s look with the exposed beam construction inspired by The Art of Hybrid Timber Framingby Bert Sarkkinen. Get your copy today.


Intermittent Fasting for Dummies

Book cover of Intermittent Fasting for DummiesWant to lose weight, belly fat, prevent disease, boost metabolism, and live longer? Say NO to conventional, calorie-controlled, highly restrictive diets. Discover the never-before guide to Intermittent Fasting for Dummiesby nutrition, health, and fitness expert Dr. Janet Brill. Intermittent Fasting offers various sustainable diet plans you can choose from to keep up with your health goals, and Dr. Janet’s easy-to-follow instructions help you choose the right plan and stick to it. You can learn actionable tactics to lose weight, keep it off and, in the process, improve overall health. The book also comes with more than 40 healthy and delicious nutritionist-approved meals to inspire you.

Adopt a healthy, effective, science-backed lifestyle with Intermittent Fasting for Dummies by Dr. Janet Brill. Order your copy now.


A Grownup Guide to Effective Crankiness: The Crankatsuris Method

Book cover of A Grownup Guide to Effective CrankinessHere’s the second book by award-winning author and crankiness expert Steven Joseph – A Grownup Guide to Effective Crankiness: The Crankatsuris Method. Why is it so special? While all the self-help books point out your faults, this book shows you how to embrace human nature and manage your emotions while making it an enjoyable read. So, while we may get cranky at times, we should find a more effective way to deal with it. Some of the effective ways to do that are creating space for everyone, using a fun team approach, avoiding being too cranky, improving communication, managing all cranky dinosaurs, and diagnosing and treating the “Common CrankaTsuris.”

Learn how to practice effective crankiness to create a happier place for everyone around you. Get your copy of A Grownup Guide to Effective Crankiness: The Crankatsuris Method now.



The Retirement Mirage: Time to Think Differently

Book cover image of The Retirement MirageAre you still buying into the retirement mirage, hoping that, once you stop working, your life will be a perpetual enjoyment, delightful experience, and adventure? It’s time to think differently. The Retirement Mirage: Time to Think Differently, by certified financial planner Nancy Hite, will prepare you for the realities of your financial future. The book will inspire you to honestly review your finances and provide the tools you’ll need to plan your financial future. It is packed with advice for all ages on what experts don’t tell you.

Explore your options today to build a better financial future. Order your copy of The Retirement Mirage: Time to Think Differently on Amazon.


Omni Legends – The Commander: Guardian of Utopia

book cover of The CommanderIt’s one thing to win over fans in your home country, but it’s something else to conquer a foreign market with a debut. Last month, German-based Kevin Groh’s first installment in his “Omni Legends” series, The Commander: Guardian of Utopia, hit the US market. The book ranked No. 1 Bestseller in Genetic Engineering Science Fiction and No. 2 in Space Marine Science Fiction. In the near-future, Utopia is the second home of the human race. Despite making incredible technological growth, humanity remains unchanged. The governing military and corporations are at constant war with aliens. This, however, is about to change.

Join 18-year-old military recruit Carter Sanders on his quest to change the rules of the game. Order your copy of The Commander: Guardian of Utopia now.


A Fat Girl’s Confidence: I’m Fat. So What?

Book cover of A-Fat-Girls Confidence I'm Fat So WhatNow more than ever, we’re living our lives in virtual spaces. What we see may not always be a real or complete picture of one’s reality. A Fat Girl’s Confidence: I’m Fat. So What? by Patrice Brown addresses rising issues around body image. Patrice wants to reach overweight girls across the world who’re fat-shamed and who may hold a negative self-image. She is on a mission to teach by example all women struggling with self-esteem and confidence to love themselves. Patrice invites you to join her movement and spread the message: “Let’s be the beauty they all said we could never be.”

Do you need some inspiration or know of someone who does? Grab your copy of A Fat Girl’s Confidence: I’m Fat. So What? today.



Book cover image of FineWhy say you’re okay when you’re not? Fine by AmyLea Murphy unravels the truth of our teens in a gut-wrenching mystery that ends with a hopeful beginning for readers of all ages. Fine follows Katie Williams, a teenager struggling to come to terms with life since her older sister, Anna, mysteriously disappeared six years ago. One day, as Katie tries to piece together what’s left of her sister’s diary in hopes of finding some answers, what she discovers about her straight-A, cheerleading sister leaves her in shock.

Find out what really happened. Order your copy of Fine by AmyLea Murphy now.


Surviving Remote Work

book cover image for surviving remote workThe extended “work from home” situation has led to a dire need to some-how survive working, living, and managing emotions from the limited confines of our home. But what if there is a way not just to survive but thrive in the comfort of your homes? Surviving Remote Work by Sharon Koifman does more than providing tools needed to survive while working from home. The book discusses topics like how to manage spaces, distractions, and time. It includes solutions to maintain a healthy channel for communication, bolster work culture, and efficient onboarding. Surviving Remote Work tackles a complex subject in a fun and casual manner that’s rare to find in management or self-help books.

Would you like to read this refreshingly easy-to-read human resources and personnel management? Order your copy of Surviving Remote Work now.


418: I Am A Teapot

Book cover of 418-I Am A TeapotHow do you imagine our future to look like? You sure don’t want to be in the world of 418: I Am A Teapot, a near-future dystopian novel by Edgar Scott. It’s a fantasy land filled with immersive technology filled with captivating fantasies. Be careful, though, in giving in to the temptations. In this world, one pays a huge price for choosing lifelong entertainment. Once stripped of all identities, these dredges of society become dispensable slaves of the system. The book poses critical concerns, forces introspection, and questions the status quo.

Discover what’s in store for us in the future of Edgar Scott’s imagination. Pre-order your copy of 418: I Am A Teapot now.


Moonlighting: An Oral History

Book Cover of Moonlighting Oral HistoryWant to know the real story of Moonlighting, the popular 80s TV series that launched Bruce Willis to stardom? Moonlighting: An Oral History by Scott Ryan brings you rare glimpses into the making of the premium show. Ryan interviewed over twenty people, including Glenn Gordon Caron, the creator of Moonlighting. He spoke to the actors, writers, directors, and producers who made the comedy-drama so lively and memorable. The book is filled with rare color images, deep heartfelt feelings as well as the cast and crew’s thoughts as they revisit magical moments in pop culture history.

Visit those magical moments yourself. Pre-order Moonlighting: An Oral History on Amazon today.


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